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[kl-bogel] Bangkok: Temple of the Emerald Buddha and not only

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Today's post is dedicated to one of the most famous places in Bangkok, occupies a central place in religious and political life. This temple complex of Wat Prakeo, the Royal Palace and Wat Po. Everyone who plans to visit Bangkok, I recommend to go there. In the meantime, you can go there virtually by clicking

Perhaps the main value of the temple complex of Wat Prakeo is the Emerald Buddha Temple - one of the main attractions of Bangkok and place of pilgrimage for Buddhists around the world. It is worth noting that the temple is a place of prayer of the current Thai King Rama IX. Inside pictures is strictly forbidden, so the Emerald Buddha himself amenable to only a verbal description: only 66 cm in height and 48 cm in width, together with a pedestal, is depicted in the traditional pose - Seated cross-legged. And in fact it is not an emerald green and is made of green jade. Probably something like this:

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Next, offer a simple stroll through the complex, look at people and buildings.

One of the many mythical characters.

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On the inner perimeter of the monastery formed gallery, painted with scenes from the Thai Ramayana adaptations - Ramak.

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People come both from very young children,

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and matured.

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Fine work.

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Circle praying.

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And the monks. Some terrible.

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It was very hot and incredibly a lot of people, most of which - the believers.

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Chinese, Khmer, Indians - all of them had a hand in creating the last of the classical Thai style - Rattanakosin. More proof of what has become a model of Angkor Wat - the main temple of Angkor Khmer Empire, of which in remote times was Siam, and which itself later became part of the Thai kingdom Ayutaya.

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Conceptual trashcan. Theme would probably be appreciated.

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And here the Royal Palace.

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All as expected, with a guard of honor.

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Photos in this post is somehow a lot, so it is literally a couple from the temple of Wat Po. Its main attraction - the 46-meter statue symbolizing the immersion of the Buddha into nirvana.

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That is all. See you on the air!

The next post will be about Singapore - the future into the present.

Gallery Albums

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Next in line stories about London, Paris and Berlin, where I recently returned.

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