Monday, May 9, 2011

[kl-bogel] Bangkok: China Town

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China Town in Bangkok - is one of the other exotics. Just looked closer to the Thai capital's color, attempt to understand its features, such as immediately plunge into a parallel world that lives by its own laws and speaks its own language. Below are a few shots which may help some to feel the mood and atmosphere of Chinatown.

Almost all of the quarter - a solid market where you can buy almost everything.

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With regard to products, then we can only speculate about their name and origin. This also applies to food in the numerous cafes.

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Street red light :-)

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On the street the British removed the transmission, and I took them off.

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The fish is cleaned out on the street, Onishchenko they do not. Enjoy your meal.

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A typical Chinese phone booth.

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Fotorebus: count the sleeping firemen in this photo.

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This tuk-tuk is not like Pattaya, but this.

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Or such.

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Another fotorebus: it protivougonka or locking wheels for parking on the sidewalk?

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A little more advertising.

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And religion.

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The attentive reader will notice that the heel washed in China Town is not fashionable.

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That is all. See you on the air!

The next post will be about the Temple of Emerald Buddha and not only.

Gallery Albums

A short list of Thai notes:

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Separately, talk about Singapore. Next on the stories about London, Paris and Berlin, where I recently returned.

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